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Expedient Viewing Technologies, Inc. (EVT) is well known for its success in providing cutting-edge creative solutions for visualization and conversion of GDSII, Gerber, and DXF file formats. Today, EVT develops and releases a powerful array of EVTView software packages and their customization. Our software lets companies reduce complexity in file conversion and cut corresponding costs by substantial amount. EVT is the most dynamically developing company in the niche and is set to deliver the best software solutions to its customers.

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In September 2003, the EVT team recognized that a new approach in code development would overcome the exiting GDSII, Gerber, and DXF conversion programs. The idea was to create an application that had to be built around highly optimized and unique drawing and conversion engines. As a result, EVT now offers the EVTView software which has the great combination of speed and accuracy at very affordable cost.
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Expedient Viewing Technologies, Inc.
103-287 Lacewood Drive, Suite 434
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 3Y7


+1 (902) 444-9588
+1 (902) 444-9588
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