Easy to use and powerful EVTView Advanced package lets you control many parameters within conversion, use GDS Boolean and Compare tools. It comes with one year of free updates and excellent technical support provided directly by the software developers.
Compares to other packages on the market that are priced up to $2500.
EVTView Basic package is designed to satisfy customer demands for accurate conversion and quick visualization of file formats. The package includes the conversion to GDSII, Gerber, DXF, image (BMP, JPEG, and PNG) and PostScript (PS) file formats.
EVTViewer provides designers with speedy and uncompromising viewing capability at a very competitive price. With regular updates and improvements, it offers the best solution to customers who want a simple, yet powerful, visualization package.
*prices are shown in USD
The prices above include one year of free maintenance (updates and technical support). The price of each additional year of maintenance is 20% of the license price.
Use EVTView in Education
EVTView helps students, faculty, and schools in the research and studying process. Educational institutions will receive a 50% discount from the regular prices above (i.e. the base prices for educational institutions are $449USD, $299USD, and $149USD for corresponding packages).
Use EVTView in Non-Profit (Research, etc.)
Non-profit organizations will receive a 25% discount from the regular prices above (i.e. the base prices for these organizations are $674USD, $449USD, and $224USD for corresponding packages).
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