Quickly display files
EVTVIew has the fastest drawing engine at its heart! (before comparing it with other programs make sure that you DISABLE their display filters. EVTView filters are disabled by default)
Accurately convert data
EVTView thoroughly preserves both the view and the design intent of the original file.
Innovative and reliable approach in EVTView’s development allows us to keep the lowest price among comparable visualization and conversion software packages.
One year of free updates
Get the latest functionality of the fast growing product paying nothing.
Multi-threading and dual-core CPU support
EVTView allows you to work smoothly with complex files. You can use all the tools in EVTView without waiting for display to finish redrawing.
Powerful viewing performance
EVTView enables users to open many GDSII and Gerber files with uncommon variations in their formats.
Take advantage of rich functionality
EVTView has a very rich arsenal of features and tools.
Smart memory use
EVTView uses the least amount of memory when working with complex files hence allowing users to load the larger files without OS swapping.